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Active Ingredients - Urbane Male Shave Creams

It is all too easy to exploit the ambiguous definition of ‘Natural Ingredients’ and make spurious claims that we us only ‘100% natural ingredients’. We will not attempt to deceive you by jumping on this dubious bandwagon and we are honest enough to recognise that this is almost a practical impossibility to achieve given the ‘fuzzy’ definition of ‘natural’ and the fact that there is little regulatory policing of this term.

Our philosophy is to treat every ingredient on its own scientific and safety merits, whether it is ‘natural’ or ‘synthetically derived form natural’. It is our considered experience that many so called ‘natural’ ingredients are synthetically processed anyway and just because an ingredient grows in nature does not necessarily mean it is good for you. Conversely, just because an ingredient is synthetically derived from natural sources, then that does not necessarily mean that it is bad for you.

The ingredients in Urbane Male products have been carefully selected to comply with the EU Cosmetics Regulations and have undergone a strict, independent Safety Assessment before approval. Our approach has been to include in our products only those ingredients which provide specific functionality or improve the performance of your shaving experience. Any ingredients that fail our functionality, performance or safety criteria just don’t make the cut.


Yarrow Leaf Extract

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a small herbaceous perennial plant native to many parts of the Northern Hemisphere and is known as the herb in which Achilles stopped the bleeding of his troops wounds in the Trojan wars. The plant has a long tradition as an exceptional 'healing herb' and has often been used topically to calm inflamed skin, soothe itchy, dry skin and to relieve minor skin irritations.  The anti-irritant and soothing properties of Yarrow make it useful for use in shaving creams. The main constituents of Yarrow are: Isovaleric acid, Salicylic acid, Asparagin, Sterols, Flavonoids  and Coumarins.


Comfrey Leaf Extract

Comfrey (Symphytum Officinale) is a perennial herb native to Europe which grows in damp grassy places and has long been recognised for its anti- inflammatory and wound healing properties. Comfrey extract contains high levels of allantoin which is used extensively in skincare products as a water-soluble moisturizer and as an aid to skin cell regeneration. In addition to its regenerating allantoin, Comfrey also includes Tannins and Rosmarinic acid which have an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect that makes it suitable for wounded or problem skin.



Sweet Almond Oil

An excellent emollient, Sweet Almond Oil is cold pressed from the Almond nut. It is high in vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamins B2 and B6, protein, and glucosides. It is widely used as a skin conditioning agent due to its penetrating, soothing, lubricating and softening properties and is beneficial for dry skin helping to relieve itching, soreness and dryness. Excellent for sensitive or irritated skin, it is  protective and beneficial if used regularly.


Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

Aloe Vera contains many vitamins including A, C, E, folic acid, choline, B1, B2, B3 (niacin) and is also one of the few plants that contains vitamin B12. As a potent moisturizer, regenerating and healing agent, it penetrates the skin stimulating the immune system & increasing blood circulation. With anti-inflammatory, wound healing and antioxidant effects, Aloe Vera provides great all round benefits, helping to soften and soothe the skin.



Derived from natural sources, Glycerin is a highly effective humectant and moisturizer attracting water to the intercellular space of the skin. It is extremely hygroscopic and works because of its ability to attract water from the environment and from the lower layers of skin (dermis) increasing the amount of water in the surface layers of skin.  Glycerin helps keep skin moisturized and soft, preventing dryness.



Lathering Agents

Stearic, Lauric and Myristic Acids are plant derived Fatty Acids which are the traditional lathering agents and have been used in Shaving Creams for centuries. They are natural components of skin and provide emollient, lathering and thickening properties. Combined with Glycerin in shaving creams, they create a rich lather which provides the cleansing and lubricating characteristics of shave cream.




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May 2013

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