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Unlike most ‘male grooming’ websites we actually develop and produce our own products using our own unique formulas. Our formulation and product development experience allows us take the time and effort to ‘deconstruct’ typical grooming products and then ‘reconstruct’ them to improve performance, provide benefit and create contemporary classics. Our new range of Shaving Creams is a good example – modern and stylish packaging, excellent shaving performance and genuine skin benefit.

We are not constrained by historical legacies and always seek to bring a contemporary approach to our products. Urbane Male places a high emphasis on shaving products with traditional performance values, but with a modern, contemporary interpretation.



This subject can be in the ‘small print’ or ‘top of mind’ depending on your point of view. For the record, we would like to identify our philosophy and beliefs with regard to Ingredients. First of all we can categorically state that all of our products have been reviewed and approved as part of an expert scientific Safety Assessment process by an independent expert and have been approved for retail sale under the current EU Cosmetics Regulations.

Every ingredient contained in our formulations has been approved for use as per the guidelines contained in the EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety. As an added precaution, we have omitted some ingredients that could be considered on the ‘grey list’ of ingredients – such as Parabens, SLS, SLES, Phthalates, etc, etc. In addition, we do not subscribe to or participate in any form of ‘Animal Testing’ in the development or testing of our products.



The Urbane Male Team

London. May 2013

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