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Our objective is to provide you with an enjoyable shopping experience in a simple and uncomplicated way. We recognise that today’s men are often reluctant to spend time scouring the High Street looking for unique, quality shaving and grooming products amid a plethora of ‘same, same’ chemist and supermarket shelves, so our function is to offer you attractive and practical product and delivery choices.

Our store is easy to navigate and laid out in an intuitive, uncluttered style to help you find what you want quickly. The checkout process is also fast and efficient. At Urbane Male we will continue to source and offer you the finest male grooming products chosen by us for their uniqueness, quality, performance and value for money.


To complement your shopping experience with Urbane Male, we are committed to providing our customers with regular ‘Special Offers’ and ‘Discounts’ because we are the first to recognise that everybody ‘likes a bargain’. Simply register an account with Urbane Male to benefit from these special offers and they will be periodically emailed to your inbox.

We will also provide you with a regular Newsletter that will feature new products, provide grooming advice, updates on the latest discounts or special offers and also include other relevant articles on men’s shaving and grooming. 

Finally, the team at Urbane Male are committed to creating a long term and mutually beneficial relationship with you, our customer, and we will strive to surpass your expectations. Please feel free to provide us with your feedback on what we are doing well or where we need to improve. Comments related to products can be sent via our Product Review section and we encourage you to send any general feedback or comments through the Contact Form on our ‘Contact Us’ page.


We believe that consumers are generally pretty smart when it comes to making informed choices. Just as the least expensive product may still conform to your needs, likewise the most expensive products do not always deliver what they promise. A product only represents good value if it does what it says it should, at a price you are willing to pay.

Our pricing reflects this philosophy with the price of our products determined by a realistic appraisal of what they include, how they perform, what they cost if they represent good value for money.

We encourage you to look at our prices carefully and make your own decisions in comparison to similar products. We are happy to highlight the product price in terms of ‘cost per 100ml’ and encourage you to compare this to other similar products as we believe this measure to be a significant part of the value proposition.


In addition we are open and transparent on our delivery prices. You will find that our delivery prices are included at the start with no ‘price shocks’ when you get to the checkout. Similarly, we are not trying to ‘mark up’ the delivery costs to make some easy money. What you pay for delivery is what it costs us for Postage & Packing.

The Urbane Male Team

London. May 2013

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